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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Notice of Formation and Mergers of, and Acquisitions by, Bank Holding Companies or Savings and Loan Holding Companies; Change in Bank Control


Release Date: April 18, 2014

The following companies and individuals seek System approval to acquire a bank holding company, a savings and loan holding company, bank or savings and loan association or a nonbanking company in a transaction that is subject to the Bank Holding company Act of 1956 (12 U.S.C. 1841 et seq.), the Change in Bank Control Act (12 U.S.C. 1817 (j)), the Home Owners' Loan Act (12 U.S.C.1467a), Regulations Y, LL, MM, or other applicable statutes and regulations. Comments regarding the applications and notices must be received in writing at the Reserve Bank indicated, or at the Board of Governors, no later than the end of the public comment period. Addresses for the Board and the Federal Reserve Banks are listed at the end of this release.

The public portions of the applications and notices, as well as other related filings required by the Board, may be obtained on an expedited basis by contacting the appropriate Federal Reserve Bank; addresses are listed at the end of this release. Applications and notices also may be obtained from the Board. Additional information on all bank holding companies may be obtained from the National Information Center website.

The database contains 93 records that match your search criteria.

Applicant or notificant  Acquiree or activity Section
of law
End of
Comment Period
AF Mutual Holding Company and Alamogordo Financial Corp., both in Alamogordo, New Mexico to acquire Bank 1440, Phoenix, Arizona. Alamogordo Financial Corp., will conduct a minority stock issuance 3 Dallas 02/04/2014
Alerus Financial Corporation, Grand Forks, North Dakota to acquire 100 percent of Private Bancorporation, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, and thereby indirectly acquire Private Bank Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota 3 Minneapolis 04/22/2014
Ameris Bancorp, Moultrie, Georgia to merge with Coastal Bancshares, Inc., and thereby indirectly acquire The Coastal Bank, both of Savannah, Georgia 3 Atlanta 05/02/2014
Apollo Bancshares, Inc., Miami, Florida to acquire 100 percent of the voting shares of First Bank of Miami Shares, Inc., and thereby indirectly acquire voting shares of First Bank of Miami, both in Coral Gables, Florida 3 Atlanta 03/07/2014
BancorpSouth, Inc., Tupelo, Mississippi to merge with Ouachita Bancshares Corporation and thereby indirectly acquire Ouachita Independent Bank, both in Monroe, Louisiana 3 St. Louis 03/24/2013
BancorpSouth, Inc., Tupelo, Mississippi to merge with Central Community Corporation, Temple, Texas, and thereby indirectly acquire First State Bank Central Texas, Austin, Texas 3 St. Louis 04/07/2014
Bear State Financial Holdings, LLC, Little Rock, Arkansas and First Federal Bancshares of Arkansas, Inc., Harrison, Arkansas to become bank holding companies by acquiring 100% of the voting shares of First National Security Company, Hot Springs, AR, & thereby indirectly acquire Heritage Bank, N.A., Jonesboro, AR, & First National Bank, Hot Springs, AR 3 St. Louis 03/24/2014
Benefit Financial Group, Inc., Fort Smith, Arkansas to become a bank holding company through the conversion of its wholly owned subsidiary bank, Benefit Bank, Fort Smith, Arkansas from a federal savings bank to a state chartered non member bank 3 St. Louis 05/19/2014
Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc., Pittsfield, Massachusetts to become a bank holding company by converting its subsidiary savings bank, Berkshire Bank, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, to a Massachusetts trust company 3 Boston 05/01/2014
Blue Hills Bancorp, Inc., Hyde Park, MA to engage de novo through its subsidiary, Blue Hills Funding Corporation, Hyde Park, MA, in extending credit and servicing loans pursuant to section 225.28(b)(1) 4 Boston 05/06/2014
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Addresses for Comments and Information Requests

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Last Update: April 18, 2014 4:15 PM