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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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What's New

Items carried under Recent Developments, statistical releases issued less frequently than weekly, and other items posted over the past two weeks. Meetings of the Federal Reserve Board and all statistical releases are shown elsewhere.

October 1 Statistical Release
Foreign Exchange Rates - G.5
October 1 FEDS Notes
Updating the Labor Market Conditions Index
September 30 Press Release
Federal Reserve Board approves application by Chemical Financial Corporation
September 30 Press Release
Federal Reserve Board announces it will begin a quantitative impact study to evaluate potential effects of its revised regulatory capital framework on insurance holding companies
September 30 Speech by Governor Jerome H. Powell
Remarks on "Government Debt Management at the Zero Lower Bound"
September 30 Regulatory Reform
Discount Window Lending - Quarterly Data Update
September 26 FEDS 2014-78
An Industrial Organization Approach to International Portfolio Diversification: Evidence from the U.S. Mutual Fund Families
September 26 Credit and Liquidity Programs and the Balance Sheet
Recent balance sheet trends, weekly chart data update
September 26 Press Release
Federal Reserve Board announces approval of application by Regions Bank
September 25 SR 14-8
Consolidated Recovery Planning for Certain Large Domestic Bank Holding Companies
September 25 Press Release
Federal Reserve Board announces termination of enforcement action with West Pointe Bancshares, Inc.
September 24 FEDS 2014-77
Bank Profitability and Debit Card Interchange Regulation: Bank Responses to the Durbin Amendment
September 24 FEDS 2014-76
Signaling Status: The Impact of Relative Income on Household Consumption and Financial Decisions
September 23 Advisory Councils
Record of the Meeting of the Federal Advisory Council and the Board of Governors
September 23 Regulatory Reform
Communications with the public through September 23, 2014
September 23 Speech by Governor Jerome H. Powell
Introductory Remarks
September 22 Statistical Release
Finance Companies - G.20
September 22 Federal Reserve Bulletin
The 2013 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Data (Draft)
September 19 IFDP 2014-1118
Offshoring, Mismatch, and Labor Market Outcomes
September 19 IFDP 2014-1117
Bank Interventions and Options-based Systemic Risk: Evidence from the Global and Euro-area Crisis
September 19 FEDS 2014-75
Robust Dynamic Optimal Taxation and Environmental Externalities
September 19 FEDS 2014-74
Survey Incentives, Survey Effort, and Survey Costs
September 19 FEDS 2014-73
Long-Term Vacancy in the United States
September 19 FEDS 2014-72
Why Do Innovative Firms Hold So Much Cash? Evidence from Changes in State R&D Tax Credits
September 19 FEDS 2014-71
Solving asset pricing models with stochastic volatility
September 19 FEDS 2014-70
Tying loan interest rates to borrowers' CDS spreads
September 19 FEDS 2014-69
Uncertainty, Financial Frictions, and Investment Dynamics
September 18 Statistical Release
Financial Accounts of the United States - Z.1
September 18 Press Release
Federal Reserve Board issues enforcement action with Santander Holdings USA
September 18 Press Release
Federal Reserve Board publishes report containing summary information on debit card transactions in 2013
September 18 Speech by Chair Janet L. Yellen
The Importance of Asset Building for Low and Middle Income Households
September 17 Press Release
Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement on policy normalization principles and plans
September 17 Press Release
Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement
Last update: October 1, 2014